Our Core Commitments

Highest Quality

Matt has been around the monument industry his whole life. This has given him a unique understanding of quality within the industry. He personally works with each supplier to ensure the highest quality of monument, unmatched in the Dayton area. If the quality of the monument does not meet the standards of the customer, it will be replaced or fixed at the cost of Morrison Monuments. You do not have to pay extra or pay for some warranty. This is who we are, and we promise to make it right or we will refund your money 100%.


Best Prices

The monument industry is differentiated by who offers the highest quality. However, the client should not have to overpay to get that quality. Morrison Monuments commits to our clients to work with the best suppliers to ensure the highest quality, while at the same time keeping our prices at the best possible market value. We do this by controlling our overhead and purchasing the granite from our manufacturers at the best prices. If you find a competitor who offers the same monument at a better price, bring in that quote and we will match the price at the time of purchase.


Empathic Customer Care

It all starts with the customer. We have always been drawn to be caring servants to those in our lives. In this industry we are given the privilege to meet with people in their deepest time of grief. We take this privilege very seriously, and we want to treat people with the love and empathy that we long for ourselves. That means that we do everything in our power to take care of you. If we cannot, we will direct you to the people who can.


The Morrison Family: Matt, Beth, Lydia, Elliana, Isaac and Phoebe

The Morrison Family: Matt, Beth, Lydia, Elliana, Isaac and Phoebe

The Owners

Matt and Beth Morrison spent most of their adult life in service oriented occupations. This service-oriented mentality has compelled them to start Morrison Monuments, and build a company intentionally focused on high quality, empathic client care, and fair pricing.

Matt was a Pastor for 13 years. This gained him a unique perspective on life and community. What he learned most was that people need to feel loved, but more importantly be loved. He has spent many years trying to express this in word and action, failing more often than not. However, this drives him in everything he does. He began his time in monuments sales working with his family. He gained tons of experience and perspective on what it takes to properly produce monuments. This experience allowed him to step out on his own, and begin a company with his wife.

Beth has spent her whole adult life serving people as a Social Worker. Not only is she lovingly raising four beautiful children, but she works as a Medical Social Worker in two Dayton hospitals. She spends her work days loving people and providing resources appropriate for discharge planning. When she is not working outside of our home, she is the heart and soul of the Morrison clan. She keeps the family in order, and makes sure needs are met. Her constant giving-to-others mentality provides her the perfect perspective on care and service to our clients. She is a licensed Social Worker and can help advise our clients with Senior Adult needs.

The Morrison family would love to meet you in person. If you stop in to meet us, as we hope you do, on any given day, you may spot one, or all four, of the Morrison kiddos around the shop. We are sincere when we say that Morrison Monuments is a family business.