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Meet the Smiths

Sam and Ginger had just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary when Sam's health began to decline steadily. He could no longer complete activities of daily living on his own, and required assistance with dressing and bathing himself. Sam had to begin walking with a walker, at the recommendation of the physical therapist, and though he had always been known as the family cook, he now relied on Ginger to prepare the meals.

Ginger rallied around Sam and provided all of the care he needed in their own home. She would assist him with bathing and dressing and would prepare all of his favorite meals to help him maintain a healthy weight. Ginger would take Sam to all of his medical appointments and daily administer all of his medications as prescribed by the physician. Although he was disappointed to require so much assistance from Ginger, Sam was grateful to have her love, support and care that allowed him to remain in his own home.

However, the toll of being a caregiver weighed heavily on Ginger and her health also began to decline. It suddenly gave out when she had a massive heart attacked and passed away unexpectedly. After the shock of the loss begun to lessen, Sam and Ginger's three children began to question how to take care of their father now that Mom had passed. Sam worried about becoming a burden to his children, yet was in much need of daily care. To whom could the Smith family turn for guidance? Who could assist them in finding financial and practical solutions to lighten the burden of unexpected care-giving? Who could give them resources to assist them in meeting their father’s needs before he needed a major medical intervention?


Senior Adult Social Service Consultions

Unfortunately, Sam and Ginger's story is not rare. In fact it is all too common and we see it all too often. Mom was taking care of Dad, then Mom passes away and the family is left with more questions than answers on how to move forward.

Here at Morrison Monuments we are more than a monument company. Along with incredible customer service and years of experience in the monument industry, we also have the added benefit of providing Gerontological Social Work consultations for families who may be in need of service connection and guidance. We desire to assist families as they walk through the grieving process, with all parts of the process, including planning for the future of the individuals left behind. At Morrison Monuments not only are we able to create a monument that will celebrate life and reflect love, but we are also able to provide this added service, very unique to the monument industry. 

Common Areas of consult:

  • Senior Adult Service Connections

  • Home Health Care

  • Assisted Living

  • Senior Living Establishments

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Planning and Admission

  • Hospice Care

  • Memorial Service planning/Preplanning

  • Estate Planning

  • Medicaid Spend-down

  • Area Agency on Aging

  • Adult Protective Services


We would like to introduce you to Beth Morrison, LSW. Not only is Beth an owner here at Morrison Monuments, but she is also a medical social worker, licensed by the state of Ohio with years of experience in issues relating to the senior adult population. Beth provides consultations with families who find themselves in the middle of a transition period with loved ones in the aging process. Through one-on-one consultations with families, Beth can provide resources to aid in lighting the way down what can be an unfamiliar path. With hospital discharge planning experience and local connections with senior living establishments and community resources, Beth can provide unbiased guidance on the next possible steps for you and your loved one. Beth understands the difficulties facing seniors and their loved ones when they are forced to make difficult decisions such as home health care, senior care, skilled nursing facility, assisted living, and even hospice care. 

To schedule a consult with Beth Morrison, LSW and owner, click the button. 


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*Disclaimer: Resources and referrals given by Morrison Monuments and/or Beth Morrison, LSW are not to be construed as legal nor medical advise and are only to be used as references. Morrison Monuments does not endorse, rate, recommend or evaluate any resources, programs or providers listed within any of its resource lists. The inclusion of resources, programs and providers in this resource list does not assume, warrant or guarantee quality of services. Any liability in connection with the quality of care provided rests solely on the resources, programs and providers listed.